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If you ever wonder, I really love and care about you

If you ever wonder, I really love and care about you

Since my boyfriend and I had decided to do the long distance thing, he calls me every single morning to say, “Good morning,” and every single night to say, “Goodnight.” If that’s not love, I’m not sure what is. The time difference is 8 hours, so it is difficult to find time to really talk to each other, but we make time. When I wake up around 6 or 7am, he comes home from work and calls me. When he wakes up for work at 6am, he calls and he’s the last person I go to bed thinking about. Early in our LDR, there was a Saturday that he didn’t call me (because he had plans with his family and was busy, but I didn’t know or care), I called him and said, “You didn’t call me,” and completely blew it out of proportion (knowing that it could go 2 ways: he’ll never do it again or he’s over the LDR). He never missed a day without calling me again.

At the end of the day, it’s always about believing in the relationship, wanting it to work, and knowing the person you’re with is worth it and vice versa. This is the most important advice I can give anyone in a LDR. If your heart is not 100% in it, it’s going to be a rocky road and it isn’t ice cream.


I totally love you… I had lunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in nearly a year the other day. He asked me what was up with you and me, and I shrugged. He told me he’s mad at you because he seriously thought that we’d live happily ever after, but he ended it with, “You love him though.Lire la suite »If you ever wonder, I really love and care about you